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          Our curriculum is designed to ensure every student has the opportunity to experience breadth and depth in their subjects and realise their full potential in every subject they study throughout their time at Notre Dame. We strive to offer a personalised curriculum that suits the individual needs of every student and within each subject area we are continually working to further enhance their learning experience, progress and academic outcomes.

          Dep Business

          Business and Economics

          At Notre Dame High School the Business and Economics department offers three separate courses: GCSE Business Studies and... Read more

          Dep Design

          Design and Technology Department

          Design and Technology In Year 7 pupils complete five projects covering all five of the material areas of Design & T... Read more

          Dep English

          English Department

          Meet the English Department: Mrs C Scriven (Joint Head of Department) I completed my degree in English Studies at Manc... Read more

          Dep Geography

          Geography Department

          Geography Department Trip to Iceland 2020 The Geography department are currently planning a trip to Iceland during th... Read more

          Dep History

          History Department

          History Y7 Students start their first term with an introduction to Key historical terms, followed by Ancient Societies; the Egyptians, 11th Century B... Read more

          Dep ICT

          ICT Department

            Click to scroll to: KS3 ICT and Computing KS4 Computer Science (GCSE) KS4 Information Communications Technology KS5 BTEC Information C... Read more

          Dep Maths

          Maths Department

          In Maths Y7 and Y8 every class will have a focus on arithmetic knowledge, understanding and skills. This will be embedde... Read more

          Dep Languages

          Modern Foreign Languages Department

          Welcome to the MFL Department At Notre Dame High School, students study either French or Spanish from Year 7. All pup... Read more

          Dep PE

          PE Department

          In Physical Education Y7 to Y10 students will experience a variety of activities which draw on different key skills and techniques. These will be... Read more

          Dep Performing Arts

          Performing Arts Department

          The Performing Arts Department offers courses in Drama and Music, for GCSE and A-Level. Drama Drama at Key Stage 3 In... Read more

          Dep RE

          RE Department

          In Religious Studies students will explore their own faith and the faith of others so that they can be 'religiously literate' in society today. The mi... Read more

          Dep Science

          Science Department

          The Heads of Science are: Mrs R Abbey and Mrs S McCole – Biology Dr E Searle – Chemistry Dr T Bruce – Physics Below ... Read more

          Dep Social Science

          Social Science Department

          Click to scroll to:   Psychology Sociology Health and Social Care Level 2 Child Development and Care   ... Read more

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